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About Kay Daly

December of 1999 is when I decided maybe I should turn my hobby into a business. After all I was starting to help many people around town fix their computers. So, Kay's Computing became my second job. Of course, years later that switched and now Kay's Computing keeps me very busy and it is what I do full time. I enjoy making computers run well and watching people have fun on them. Of course, as technology changes I have found myself helping with phones, tablets, iPads, and tv's as well. My business is located in my house which makes it convenient for people to catch me at all hours on any given day.

Besides computers, my other hobby is sewing. I also enjoy cooking which you can tell by my online cookbook. These hobbies are beneficial in spoiling my three grandchildren whom I enjoy very much. My husband, Doug, and I enjoy outings in the summer. If you can't reach me, we may be at the lake with limited cell phone service but I will call you back as soon as I get home. Teaching Bible Study every week is fun and enjoyable and I learn many life lessons from this wonderful group.

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