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Projector Rental

Need to rent a projector for some occasion or meeting? Showing a movie? The Computer Lady will even help you set up the projector if needed. Only Rented Locally!

Dell Projector (1100MP)

  • Super High 2100:1 Contrast
  • Brilliant 1400 ANSI Lumens
  • SVGA (800X600) with auto synchronization to SXGA+ (1400X1050)

    Projector Screen

    Tripod Pull Up Projector Screen. View Size 84"X84", Screen Size 87"X87" Square 1:1 Format. Simple Screen Height Adjustment. Standard Keystone. Eliminator - Assures Square Projection Picture, Stanard 4-Side Black Masking Borders - Increase Focus Point. Matte White Screen. High Effective Scattered Screen Angle - See Clear Picture from Different Angle, Flame Retardant Meets CPA84 - Extra Safety Projection.

    Arrangements can be made for